Weekend Guide – and the Week Ahead!

Weekend Guide – And The Week Ahead

To the person who put a picture of a croissant on the office fridge during the same week I started my pre-Shavuot diet: I will find you, and ask you to pay for my new pair of jeans.

To all you other people: Shavuot, the Jewish holiday that celebrates the Torah through the ritual eating of blintzes and cheesecake, start on Tuesday night. I’m pretty sure that in the Torah, the Jews prepare for the Divine revelation on Mount Sinai by fasting, but I’m going to recommend that you spend the days leading up to the holiday by partying, because who doesn’t love a good pre-game?

On that note, here are my top 10 picks for what to do in Jerusalem this weekend and the beginning of next week:

1) Thursday, 8 pm: Screening of “The Women’s Balcony” at  Guy ben Hinnom

In Biblical times, this valley right outside of the Old City walls was known as a very sketchy place – you would not want to get caught there after dark. Luckily, today, the valley hosts a wide array of decidedly cultured night-time events. “The Women’s Balcony” is a movie made in Jerusalem, about a Jerusalem ultra-Orthodox community. The screening itself is a blankets and bring your own pop-corn type of affair – think of it like Mondays in Bryant Park, only with live music and alcohol.

2) Thursday, 9 pm: Catamon Birthday Party and Catamonia Rave, at Beit Alliance

Celebrate C.A.T.A.M.O.N. dance group’s 5th anniversary by watching them unveil a new dance work, sipping a few cocktails and dancing the night away in a crazy rave that will last until the early hours of the morning.

3) Thursday, 10:30 pm: Monolingua at Hamazkeka

Come experience a wide array of contemporary Arabic music, from electro to hip-hop, at this all-night party in the center of town.

4) Friday, 10:30 am: Lecture with Dr. Rachel Sarfati, at Mamuta Art and Media Center in Hansen House

Dr. Rachel Sarfati, a curator from the Israel Museum, will discuss Salamanca’s new exhibit at Hansen House, which takes its inspiration from a German sukkah that belongs to the Israel Museum.

5) Friday, 12 pm: Who was Bar Kochba? at the Bible Lands Museum

This tour and lecture with modern day historians will explore this mythic figure, and the impact his revolt had on Jewish history.

6) Saturday, 8:30 pm: Goodnight Talpiot, at Hazira Performing Arts Arena

This experiential performance is a cross between an absurdist theater piece and a slumber party with strangers, making for a surprisingly amusing evening.

7) Saturday, 10 pm: Hip-Hop @ The Submarine: Pele-Ozen and Killin H8 at the Yellow Submarine

Hear Pele-Ozen, a Tel Aviv based group, perform alongside Killin H8 from New York, for a concert that will be sure to get you up on your feet and dancing in not time.

8) Monday, 7 pm: Board Games at May Books

What could be better than chilling and meeting new people over board games at this hipster bookshop in the heart of Mahane Yehuda?

9) Monday, 7:30 pm: Launch of the Absence of Things at Art Cube Artists’ Studios

If you like Dadaism and hearing artists speak about their work, this event is for you. Artist Miri Cahani Brand will speak about her creative process at the official opening of her exhibit on Art Cube’s “Artist’s Wall”.

10) Monday, 9 pm: Salsa Night at the Yellow Submarine

To my husband, if you are reading this: The fact that the Yellow Submarine, one of my favorite music venues, is having a one-hour Salsa lesson, followed by a concert, followed by an all-night party, and I have not even mentioned it, shows the great love that I have for you, as well as the great respect I bear for your desire to not be seen with me dancing in public. I’m assuming that this desire stems from a recognition that my talent is simply so immense, that it should be tucked away, like a treasured necklace, only worn for special occasions.

But to everyone else reading this: Salsa Night is going to be awesome!