Plan Update – and What Should You Do This Weekend?

Summer Cultural Spotlight 1

It’s an urban myth that Jerusalem lacks exciting events. But, take a look at the 5 events I went to in one day alone last week:

And now, we’re already on to the next weekend. I’ve been feeling under the weather this week – all I want to do is hibernate in my room with a book of Portuguese erotic short stories (which I picked up for free at the International Book Week) and a plate full of sushi.

But I know that not everyone’s as lame as I am. So here are my recommendations:

Jerusalem and Lithuania, Wine and Pita at Granovsky Hall in Canada House, Thursday, 8 pm: Machol Shalem Dance House will bring together select Israeli and Lithuanian works for an evening that combines dance with wine and pita – an excellent combination.

Free Dance Party at Muristan Square, Thursday, 8 pm: What do lectures about Arabic and Sephardi dance music have in common? Come to this epic party, sponsored by Tahrir Bar, to find out.

Jam at Guy Ben Hinnom, Thursday, 9 pm: A free, Arab-Jewish music jam overlooking the Old City Walls –it doesn’t get much better than this.

Creative Mornings with Saul Singer at Hansen House, Friday, 10 am: The co-author of the famous book “Startup Nation”, which chronicles Israel’s technological ingenuity, will speak about his experiences. Prepare to be inspired.

Between Heaven and Earth Flashmob at Mahane Yehuda, Friday, 1 pm: This all-male Orthodox Jewish dance company will be gathering for its annual flash mob in what promises to be a fun afternoon.

The Betty Bears at the Yellow Submarine, Saturday,  9 pm: This New Orleans style jazz band will take your breath away.

Diwan Al Banat at the Little Pinkas, Saturday, 10 pm: This all-female band combines funk with Middle Eastern classics for songs that are sure to get you dancing in no time.

Algorithm of Love at Barbur Gallery, Saturday, 8 pm: This is part of the gallery’s “Wire Tapping” series of sound exhibits and musical performances.

Israeli Short Story Awards at Tmol Shilshom, Sunday, 7 pm: This cute café, tucked into a Jerusalem alleyway and named after a story by Israeli Nobel laureate S.Y. Agnon, makes the perfect setting for the Israeli Short Story Awards.

Face of the Territory at Hamiffal, Sunday, 8:30 pm: This one-woman show by Nufar Sela from the Pandora Collective explores the intersections between politics and gender, between collective and personal narratives, between the territory of a nation and the territory of the human body.

I admit there’s a legitimate argument to be had over whether or not Sunday is part of the Jerusalem weekend. But I’ve had a soft spot for Tmol Shilshom ever since my husband swept me off my feet by buying me a detective novel when we were there on a coffee date, and I saw a teaser of Nufar’s show last year, as part of another event by Pandora, and was blown away by its creativity and complexity.

Also, I’m still hopeful that this country will finally come around and start giving us Sundays off.

Until then, may we all enjoy productive Sunday-Thursday work weeks, and fabulous weekends with lots of sushi.