Chaotic Muse and the Top 10 Picks for a Chaotic Weekend

Chaotic Muse And The Top 10 Picks For A Chaotic Weekend

Chaotic Muse and the Top 10 Picks for a Chaotic Weekend

I’m not bossy, though my husband says otherwise. I just like…um, suggesting….that people do things.

That’s why I suggested to  my husband that we attend Chaotic Muse, the Bible Lands Museum’s 25th anniversary party, featuring dance performances by Jerusalem Foundation project, “Studio Mishelach” –a studio for Orthodox Jewish women artists, as well as poetry slams by the Incubator Theater.

I’m glad we did; the mixture of contemporary dance and poetry with ancient Near Eastern artifacts was breathtaking.

That’s also why I’m suggesting things for you to do over the weekend. I’m not bossy –just opinionated. So here are my picks – if you do them all, you’ll be in for a chaotic weekend.

Thursday, August 17

Ziv Yehezkel Concert at the Museum for Islamic Art, 8 pm: *

The Museum’s backdrop of exquisite items representing Muslim artistic heritage, accompanied by high-quality Arabic music sung by an ultra-Orthodox musician –it doesn’t get much more Jerusalem than this.

Game of Thrones Stand-Up at Beit Masie, 8:30 pm:*

Imagine Daenarys engaging in a comedic rap dialogue while riding a dragon. If this sounds like your cup of tea, you’ll enjoy Incubator Theater’s Game of Thrones themed stand up performance.

Micha Sheetreet and Esther Rada at Hansen House, 8:30 pm:*

This enjoyable acoustic concert brings talented Israeli musicians to the courtyard of Hansen House, a former leper colony turned art hub.

Friday, August 18

Bab el Bar at the Jaffa Gate, 11 am:

Get ready for an international afternoon: The theme of this crafts fair/street party this week is Yemen.

Childrens’ Rave at Hamiffal, 12 pm:*

This rave is strictly PG-rated, with music, dance, and art activities that promise to be fun for the whole family.

Bezalel Fair on Bezalel Street, 10 am:

Come see students from Israel’s premier arts academy exhibit and sell their works, or try on some of the vintage fashion items that will be for sale.

Jane Bourdeaux at the Yellow Submarine, 2 pm: *

This homegrown band is back to the club where it all started, in a special Friday afternoon performance that combines high-quality music with a chill ambience.

 Saturday, August 19

Swing-Dancing at Hamifletzet, 8:30 pm:

This event at Kiryat Hayovel’s favorite bar encompasses both lessons and a party, so you’ll get to practice your new dance moves.

Maor Cohen at Nocturno, 9:00 pm:

Come enjoy live rock music at one of Jerusalem’s hippest cafés.

Tomer Yeshayahu at Hamazkeka, 9:00 pm:*

Come hear one of Israel’s up-and-coming music producers at this happening music venue.