Throwback Thursday: Where Are They Now?

Six months ago, 250 guests from around the world came to Jerusalem as part of our 50th anniversary celebrations and voted for the winners of the Jerusalem Foundation’s Social Innovation Challenge.

Where are they now?

1st Place: Medabrot Ivrit - $50,000 Dollars
This initiative teaches Hebrew to Arab women in East Jerusalem, with a focus on practical Hebrew that students can use in their daily lives, empowering them to pursue careers and to deal with government offices and run errands that require Hebrew. More than 840 participants participated in 2016 and the programming expanded to include social justice workshops, as well as Arabic lessons for Hebrew speakers.

Throwback Thursday Where Are They Now 1

2nd Place: Jerusalem Double - $35,000 Dollars
Who would have thought backgammon could be a platform for shared living? Double Jerusalem is a hit in the city, with backgammon tournaments in the city’s industrial Talpiot neighborhood, center of town and recently in east Jerusalem, attracting hundreds of Jews and Arabs of all ages and backgrounds. Black kippahs and hijabs could be seen in backgammon tournaments featuring  live music, dancing, snacks  and plenty of serious gaming.  The award for cutest player definitely went to Nimrod, the semi-finalist!

Throwback Thursday Where Are They Now 2

3rd Place: Time Bank App - $15,000 Dollars
The Time Bank App allows neighbors to exchange acts of kindness: tutoring in exchange for dog walking, plumbing assistance in exchange for legal advice. Like all tech apps, development takes time and more funding than this initiative received. Keep an eye out for further updates and if you want to give more to this initiative, click here!

We are proud to support innovation in Jerusalem and look forward to continuing to shape Jerusalem as a modern, vibrant metropolis.