The Train Theater in Venice

The Train Theater In Venice

The Jerusalem Foundation works to shape Jerusalem as a vibrant, modern city that serves as a source of local and global inspiration. Key to these efforts is sharing Jerusalem’s creativity with audiences from around the world, and strengthening the connections between Jerusalem’s artists and the international arts and culture scene.

A generous gift from the M. K. Rose Charitable Trust enabled the Jerusalem Foundation to send the Train Theater, a leading puppet theater and flagship project of the Foundation, to Venice, from May 4th through 9th, 2017. This trip was arranged in commemoration of 500 years since the establishment of the Venice Ghetto.

While in Venice, the Train Theater performed three of its classic children’s shows: “Tailor Made” – the story of a tailor on a magical mission to complete a coat by midnight; “The Fool Moon”, a funny tale of the fools of Chelem; “Private Collection” which invites the audience to experience the power of everyday objects found in nature.

Each show was performed twice –once in a performance open to school groups, and once, in a performance open to the general public and geared towards young families. The plays were selected in consultation with the director of the Jewish Museum of Venice, located in the Ghetto. The plays were shown in the Villa Groggia, with “Private Collection” being performed in the Ghetto square for the general public.

The scripts were translated into Italian and incorporated Italian actors into the performances. Galia Levy-Grad, an actress from the Train Theater, held a special interactive workshop.  The partnership between the Jerusalem Foundation and the Jewish Museum was front and center and each performance was followed by a talk with members of the theater, facilitated by the staff of the Jewish Museum..

Tamar Milo, the Jerusalem Foundation’s Head of the Italian Desk, noted the commonality children across the globe share, and the benefits they acquire by learning about other cultures.

The trip was an immense success: The children and parents’ delight could be seen on their faces as they were mesmerized by plays with power that excites the human imagination without boundaries. 

Dalia Maayan, CEO,  and Natalia Saied, Director of International Relations, of the Train Theater,  were grateful for the positive feedback they received from their partners in Italy and hope for similar opportunities in the future. 

The Jerusalem Foundation is grateful to the M. K. Rose Charitable Trust for this generous gift, which shared one of Jerusalem’s cultural treasures with international audiences, allowing them to get a small taste of our special city, whose ancient heritage paves the way for its thriving future.