Review: “The Green Prince” by Psik Theater

Review The Green Prince By Psik Theater


In a story that oscillates between James Bond drama and Middle Eastern melodrama, “The Green Prince”, Psik Theater’s latest production, tells the tale of Mosab Hassan Yousef, who is caught between family loyalty and his higher ideals. After spending some time in an Israeli prison, Yousef becomes a spy for the Israeli secret service. The topic of his investigation? His father, a major Hamas leader.


The gripping performance, magnificently acted and well-scripted, makes Yousef’s tale come alive. The well thought-out characters create a world of grey, in which the line between black and white, good and bad, gets blurred by human complexity.


The play is based on the documentary film, “The Green Prince” that was made about Yousef. It does a good job of adapting the story from the golden screen to the theater stage, making for a thought-provoking and entertaining evening.


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