Picasso Drawing of Teddy Kollek To Be Made Available to the Public

 נמצא ציור נדיר של פיקאסו רישום של טדי קולק 2

Picasso Drawing of Teddy Kollek  To Be Made Available to the Public

What do the artist Pablo Picasso and Teddy Kollek, Jerusalem Mayor and Jerusalem Foundation founder, have in common?

Besides being famous, both men had an appreciation for art: Pablo Picasso is famous for his drawings, sketches, sculptures, and paintings. Teddy Kollek was passionate about bringing a wide variety of visual and performing arts to Jerusalem, and, with the support of the Jerusalem Foundation, established some of the city’s key cultural institutions.

This January marks a decade since Teddy Kollek’s passing; in going over their parents’ items, Teddy Kollek’s children, Osnat and Amos Kollek, found a hidden treasure, buried beneath books about Jerusalem: A portrait of Teddy Kollek by the famous artist, Pablo Picasso. They decided, with the help of the Jerusalem Foundation, to make the drawing available to the public. Osnat explained:

 “It’s important that an artistic artifact with such historic importance be on display to the general public and not remain in the private domain. I’m sure my father would want Jerusalemites and tourists visiting the city to be able to see it.”

There is no official record of Picasso’s meeting with Kollek, but we can surmise that the visit took place during one of the artist’s visits to Jerusalem. The portrait’s inscription shows that it was completed in 1969, four years before the artist’s death – and four years after his works were exhibited at the Israel Museum. As a matter of fact, the original sketch was drawn on the back of the catalogue from the Israel Museum’s first Picasso exhibit, which is especially fitting since Teddy Kollek was the driving force behind the museum’s creation.

This unique and colorful drawing (after all, it is a Picasso) will be on display at the Kenneth and Anne Bialkin Visitors’ Center at Teddy Park, which is open to the general public, free of charge, between 10 am and 5 pm, Sundays through Thursdays, and between 10 am and 3 pm on Fridays. The Center acts as an archive and tells the story of Teddy Kollek and the development of Jerusalem through a special hologram video. Now it will also be possible to view the Picasso sketch alongside other artifacts connected to the life of Teddy Kollek, making a key piece of Jerusalem’s history available to residents and visitors alike.