Music, Visual Arts, and More in Jerusalem

Music Visual Arts And More In Jerusalem

Psalms: A timeless classic that inspires people around the world – much like the city of Jerusalem itself. Last week, as part of the Israel Festival, these revered words were brought to life by the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance, the Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra, the University of Music Franz Liszt, in a spectacular performance that included the best works of Israeli composers, such as Zvi Avni, alongside Igor Stravinsky and Leonard Bernstein.

However, it is not by music alone that (wo)man shall live: That’s why Musrara Mix, with its inter-disciplinary blend of visual arts, photography, music, dance, and narrative performance, is so vital to the city’s cultural scene. Highlights included: a concert by Zaaluk, a band inspired by the Moroccan Jewish heritage, ‘Mizrahi in Berlin” – one artist’s family story, “Inconclusive” – an exhibit of traditional Armenian pottery, “Three Women: Three Possibilities of Happiness”, which uses photography to explore the role of women in the modern world, and the textile exhibit, “African Violet”. The festival brought thousands of people to the Musrara neighborhood, and included outdoor concerts that turned into all-night parties, with students and young families sipping beer and swaying to the music.

We’re proud to support the wide array of arts that Jerusalem has to offer, as we continue to shape a modern, thriving metropolis that serves as a source of spiritual and cultural inspiration to millions of people world-wide.