Kiryat Menachem Children Participate in Regional Robotics Competition

ילדי קריית מנחם השתתפו בתחרות הרובוטיקה האזורית

Kiryat Menachem Children Participate in Regional Robotics Competition
4 years after the Jerusalem Foundation’s “Project Springboard” began operating in the neighborhood, Kiryat Menachem’s children are making great achievements

3 groups represented the Kiryat Menachem neighborhood with honor at the Regional Robotics Competition held at the city’s Pais Arena Jerusalem. This is the second year that the robotics plan has been implemented in the neighbourhood, and it is already possible to see the progress of the children and the improvement of the 2 groups from the Chabad School and 1 group from the Guatemala School who came to compete.

The competition is the culmination of a learning process that began at the beginning of the school year in which the children were challenged to program a Lego robot to perform certain tasks, and presented a research assignment to judges.

Kiryat Menachem’s schools collaborate in robotics classes as part of “Project Springboard”, which has operated in the neighborhood since 2013. The project, initiated by the Jerusalem Foundation, seeks to provide opportunities for children in designated neighborhoods of Jerusalem, in cooperation with the local community council, neighborhood schools and public organizations.

Neighborhood children enjoy a well-rounded school day which includes enrichment and instruction in various subjects, vocational training for youth and talent development for children with high potential whose families can not afford classes to develop their skills.

"The Jerusalem Foundation is thrilled to take a significant part in leading the empowerment of schools in Kiryat Menachem for the benefit of all neighborhood children," said Dr. Idit Dayan, Director of Community Projects at the Jerusalem Foundation who is a member of Project Springboard’s steering committee. "Your achievements are our pride!"