Jerusalem Weekend Guide

Jerusalem Weekend Guide

 Jerusalem Weekend Guide


5 pm on Thursday. You walk out of the office, ready for the weekend. But where should you go? Don’t worry, we’re here to guide you!

Thursday, March 16
The Local

Kick off the weekend with some Contra Dance, with the Hazel Hill String Band. Lessons are provided on premises, though for 25 NIS, you can also sit back, relax, and enjoy the music - or laugh at the people learning to dance for the first time.
Head to the center of town for the tail-end of Poetry Place’s book launch at Hamiffal. The launch will feature a new poetry book by Noah Barkat.
Top it off with a reggae-themed after-party at Hamazkeka,

The Express
Looking for a one-stop shop? Try out Nissan Nativ’s production of Ubu Roi, a French play so obscene, when it was first performed in 1896, it had to close on opening night. Spend the rest of the evening feeling smug that you just watched one of the early precursors to Theater of the Absurd and Surrealism. Bonus points if you eat croissant.

Friday, March 17
The Athletic Morning

Friday is the Jerusalem Marathon.  The event draws 30,000 participants annually from 54 countries. Trails traverse the entire city, which means that no matter where you are, you can probably find a nearby spot to watch the runners and join the throngs of people who come to cheer them on - unless you’re running yourself, in which case, I salute you.
If you’re near the center of town or the Nahlaot neighborhood, you might want to check out the Marathon festivities in Sacher Park.

Saturday, March 18
The Improvisational Interlude

If you want a Hebrew-language improv show, head over to Beit Alliance. If you prefer your improv in English, take a peek at Jerusalem’s rusty Talpiot neighborhood, reminiscent of the Meatpacking District in the late 90s, where factories, abandoned buildings, and clubs sit side-by-side.
If you prefer your improv in poetry form, make sure to check out the Incubator Theater’s poetry slam at Beit Masie.

The Cerebral Experience

Since Jerusalem has the highest concentration of higher education students in all of Israel, it’s perhaps no surprise that the city is home to the Jerusalem Brain Community, dedicated to exploring the wonders of the human brain. Their Brain and Beer evening at Hamiffal is part of the kick-off of “Brain Week”.
But remember, you don’t have to wait for Brain Week - it’s safe to use your brain 365 days a year.

The Musical Moment

Head back to Jerusalem’s Talpiot neighborhood for a concert at the Yellow Submarine, an iconic Jerusalem music venue. This weekend’s headliner is Aperco, whose music straddles the line between jazz and rock, providing a nice way to chill out a bit while preparing for the week ahead.

Have fun! Wishing you a great weekend!