Jerusalem Foundation Opens New Library and Mediatheque in the Givat Gonen Meitarim School

Library Inauguration At Givat Gonen School 2017

Jerusalem Foundation Opens New Library and Mediatheque in the  Givat Gonen Meitarim School

The Jerusalem Foundation opened a new library and mediatheque  in  the Givat Gonen Meitarim  elementary school this week.  The library and mediatheque, which will serve as a resource center for students, were  made possible  by  the generous  contribution of the Susanne and René Braginsky Foundation, from Switzerland. David and Sharon Braginsky represented their family at the inauguration, and David installed the new mezuzah, officially marking the opening of this new resource center for the 21st century.

The new library and mediatheque are state-of-the-art, combining a computer room with a more traditional book library: The collection includes a wide array of books, as well as computer stands connected to content and educational resources that students can use to learn about a variety of subjects. The new library is double the size of the old one, and has new furniture and high-speed internet.

The Givat Gonen Meitarim school has also benefitted from Swiss generosity in the past: The Swiss Friends of the Jerusalem Foundation have supported renovations throughout the school, including a new sports center, a science room, a teacher’s room, a petting zoo, and a yard.