Jerusalem: City of Gold Comes to Western Canada

City Of Gold Comes To Western Canada 2

Jerusalem: City of Gold Comes to Western Canada

Jerusalem: A city with 2,000 years of history, holy to three religions, and a source of inspiration to millions of people around the world. “Jerusalem of Gold: Capital of Innovation and Tech” brings a taste of Jerusalem to Vancouver, Calgary and Edmonton, in a special Ted Talk style event featuring encounters with Jerusalem change-makers. Four different speakers: Four different faces of Jerusalem. The event is a chance to meet these faces, who represent the city’s future and will present four different ways to transform an ancient city into a modern metropolis.

The first talk, “Jerusalem’s Population: What Does The Future Hold?” will feature an in-depth look at Jerusalem’s demographic trends and challenges, with Lior Schillat, head of the Jerusalem Institute for Policy Research, a think-and-do tank that researches all aspects of life in the city. Lior is coming to Canada with a very important goal: “I will try to make people fall in love with my city… It’s a gorgeous, beautiful place.”

The second talk, “Raising a Start-Up Nation” will feature Maya Halevy, director of the Bloomfield Science Museum, founded by the Jerusalem Foundation and Hebrew University in order to provide STEM education for all of the city’s different population groups. Maya says: “We have Arabic and Hebrew speaking guides.  One third of the students who come with their schools are Arab Israelis.  10-15% are from the Ultra Orthodox community.” She is adamant about one thing:  “Young kids love science….We have to work with children and their parents to encourage children to pursue careers in STEM.  That is one of our biggest challenges.” 

The third talk, “The Making of a Serial Entrepreneur”, will explore Jerusalem’s role as a source of modern-day innovation, with 29 year old Yonathan Avraham, part of the Hebrew University’s new Physics and Entrepreneurship Program. His start-up, Gamitee, links social media and shopping websites.  Yonathan sees his entrepreneurial endeavors as a way of giving back to his community:  “I want to build a valuable company that makes an impact on the world but remains in Israel, that is connected to Jerusalem…That’s what motivates me.”

The fourth talk, “Marketing Innovation: Changing Israel and the World” will explore the process that changes ideas into products, with Tamir Huberman, the VP of Marketing for Yissum, an affiliate of the Hebrew University that oversees product development.  One of Yissum’s biggest successes is Mobileye, which was founded by Hebrew University Professor Amnon Shashua and recently sold for US$15.3 billion.

“Jerusalem of Gold: Capital of Innovation and Tech” is not merely a dream: It is quickly becoming a reality – and In Vancouver July 16, Calgary July 17 and Edmonton July 18, for just a few hours, it can become part of your reality. The Ted style talks will be followed by a reception, offering plenty of opportunities to discuss Jerusalem and to mingle with the speakers. The events, co-sponsored by Canadian Friends of the Hebrew University and the Jerusalem Foundation, promises to be a fun, entertaining, and educational evening.

City of Gold Comes to Western Canada