Jerusalem’s MiniActive Project Hits the International Stage

Jerusalem’S Miniactive Project Hits The International Stage


Jerusalem’s MiniActive Project Hits the International Stage

This week, the MiniActive project, a joint venture between the Jerusalem Foundation and the Jerusalem Intercultural Center, was featured in the May 2017 edition of the Cities of Migration Newsletter, reaching more than 16,000 people worldwide.

The Cities of Migration Network seeks to improve integration practices through information sharing and learning exchanges. The MiniActive project was accepted by the network as a ‘Good Idea in Integration’ and was presented to cities around the world. Jerusalem has now joined the ranks as a culturally competent city,  along with Vancouver, Amsterdam, Sydney and Singapore.

We first came into contact with the Cities of Migration Network last year, as we prepared for the “Jerusalem as a Culturally Competent City” conference.

The Cities of Migration Network recently featured the MiniActive project and our May 2016 Cultural Competency Conference where Uzma Shakir, Toronto’s Director of the Office of Equity, Diversity and Human Rights, was our keynote speaker.  Click here to see Uzma’s remarks and click here to see the story on MiniActive.