Israel Festival Opens at Sultan’s Pool

Israel Festival Opens At Sultan’S Pool

Israel Festival Opens at Sultan’s Pool


The Israel Festival opened on Thursday night with “Groove Party” an all-star concert at Sultan’s Pool, just beyond the Old City Walls.

The opening number, classical Arabic music by Firqat Al Noor, set the tone for the evening, which was a melding of eastern and western cultures, in an ode to Jerusalem’s diversity. The audience was spell-bound by Nasreen Qadri’s beautiful voice.

The Kutiman Orchestra provided pleasant jazz, giving the audience time to chill before A-WA and Yemen Blues took the stage and brought the crowd to their feet for good old-fashioned dancing. A-WA’s internationally popular “Habib Galbi” elicited excited cries and hip-shaking from the audience.

Knesiyat Hasekhel’s uniquely Israeli rock music rounded the set, along with Liora Itzhak, whose recent song, “Mala, Mala” has been a staple on Israeli radio.

Teapacks were definitely the stars of the show. The moment they took the stage, the entire energy changed. As they sang beloved modern classics, the audience sang along, jumping up and down and forming an impromptu mosh pit near the stage, as the concert turned into a party.

All together, it was a great evening, and we’re proud to be an annual sponsor of this important festival, which highlights Jerusalem’s role as an international city of arts and culture.