Ha’Mishteh Launches at Mishkenot Sha’nanim

Ha’Mishteh Launches At Mishkenot Sha’Nanim 2
Every two years, Mishkenot Sha’ananim runs the International Writer’s Festival and their Mishteh Festival this year is an offshoot of that success.

Ha’Mishteh, which means “the banquet,” weds culinary and literary delights.  At the opening event last night guests  gathered on the patio overlooking the Old City walls as we discussed  romance and drank copious amounts of alcohol.

Flautists serenaded the guests as poets, chefs and intellectuals took their place on the stage  for a philosophic debate over the role of Eros in our lives.  One speaker spoke of the romantic energy of veganism  while another mused on the eroticism of words.


Ha’Mishteh Launches At Mishkenot Sha’Nanim 1


We laughed and gazed into each other’s eyes, sipping glasses of wine as Shai Avivi, Shimon Adaf, Gilad Kahana, Rachel Gottesman, Nana Shrier and Roy Brand treated the audience to a delightful evening of philosophy, literature, and romance.

Ha’Mishteh Festival will run from May 16 to May 19, 2017 and if you haven’t been, its worth going to this unique event that integrates e cuisine, creativity  and culture.

The Jerusalem Foundation is proud to support this event, as part of its ongoing work to shape a modern, thriving city that takes inspiration from ancient wisdom and shares it with the world.