At Long Last: East Talpiot Pool to Be Inaugurated

חונכים את הבריכה בארמון הנציב

At Long Last: East Talpiot Pool to Be Inaugurated

After years of anticipation, the swimming pool and athletic center in East Talpiot, across the street from the Seligsberg School, will be inaugurated today. Mayor Nir Barkat and Jerusalem Foundation President Yohanna Arbib Perugia will participate in the ceremony. Donor Ms. Kathryn Greenberg flew in especially from the United States to be present for the occasion.

The construction of the new, state-of-the-art complex, at a cost of 35 million NIS, was made possible by a generous donation from the late Alan C. Greenberg of blessed memory and his wife Kathryn Greenberg of the United States, long-time dear friends and generous supporters of the Jerusalem Foundation, who have contributed to numerous sports complexes, schools and projects throughout the city. Among the Greenbergs' many significant gifts to Jerusalem are the sports complex and comprehensive high school in Gilo. Sadly, he did not live to see the completion of their present gift to Jerusalem – the swimming pool and fitness center in East Talpiot. The Jerusalem Municipality and the Mifal Hapayis Israel Lottery Association partnered with the Jerusalem Foundation in supporting the project’s construction.

The Kathy and Alan Greenberg Sports and Recreation Center was built by the Planning and Construction Department of the Jerusalem Foundation, through Galpaz architects. The complex includes a large and well-equipped gym, classrooms, locker rooms, a dining room, a café, offices, and a half-Olympic size pool, with a roof that can be removed during the summer months. It also includes grass, a tanning deck, leisure spaces, and a paddling pool. The building is a “green” building, up to Israel’s latest government standards for environmentally friendly structures. The complex, which will be operated by East Talpiot’s community council, will serve the residents of southern Jerusalem and students in the neighborhood, through a wide array of programs and activities.

“The Jerusalem Foundation is working to improve the quality of life for the city’s residents”, says Jerusalem Foundation president Yohanna Arbib Perugia. “The pool is another example of the Jerusalem Foundation’s investment in the neighborhood of East Talpiot and will be a magnet that draws young families to the area, as well as numerous residents from other neighborhoods who will be able to enjoy the leisure and athletic activities. This is also another way to strengthen the community council, which is extremely important to us.”

Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat said, “The pool that will be established in East Talpiot is one of seven new community pools in different neighborhoods that benefit the public. Jerusalem’s swimming pools, which are conveniently located in residential areas throughout the city, will form the basis of leisure activities for residents of all ages, and act as a magnet that draws young families. They will serve as a financial anchor for community councils and widen the circle of participants in communal and social activities that take place throughout the city’s different neighborhoods. This is an additional step we are taking to improve quality of life for Jerusalem’s residents. In the past few years we have invested substantial amounts in the different neighborhoods and in residential areas and we will continue to act in order to advance more athletics, leisure, and cultural projects for the well-being of the public.”