“Giving Hope, Living the Future”

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“Giving Hope, Living the Future”

 Celebrating 50 Projects in Jerusalem 

Imagine supporting 50 projects in Jerusalem, on average one a year since the reunification of Jerusalem!    

On October 31st 2017, Daniel and Isolde Müller, longstanding Jerusalem Foundation friends from Germany, inaugurated the 50th kindergarten project that was renovated thanks to their  Giving Hope, Living the Future organization.

More than 160 of the Müller’s friends came for the dedication and visited the newly renovated kindergarten in Gilo.  Irene Pollak, Director for German Speaking Countries of the Jerusalem Foundation and Iris Bondy from the Kibbutz Beit Israel in Gilo thanked the guests for their support which made such a significant impact on the Gilo neighborhood. 

 Kindgarden And Muller

The city of Jerusalem honored the Müller family’s devotion to Jerusalem, and its 50th project, at a gala reception in Teddy Park in Mitchell Parks and Gardens. The evening celebrated the 50th anniversary of the reunification of Jerusalem and the 40th anniversary of the Giving Hope, Living the Future organization. 

Muller Event At Teddy Park קרטיד צלם ששון תירסCredit: Sasson Tiram

Mayor Nir Barkat and Jerusalem Foundation President Yohanna Arbib-Perugia thanked the Müller family for their multi-generational friendship with the city and in a remarkable gesture of their continued support for Jerusalem, the Müller family announced its plans to celebrate their 51st project in Jerusalem next year.