Summer 2015 at Canada House

Summer 2015 At Canada House 1


Summer is here and Canada House is a buzzing hive of activity. Students, retirees, young adults, entrepreneurs – there is something for everyone at the dynamic community center in Jerusalem's downtown Morasha neighborhood.


Down one long corridor to the right, a dozen or so older adults are sculpting clay and creating ceramic masterpieces as they exercise their creativity during a pottery class. The next room offers fluency in new language skills for the young at heart, with another 15-20 seniors gathering twice a week to learn to read and write Hebrew.


Through a trendy glass door down the hall, Made in JLM, the business hub at Canada House  offers young entrepreneurs and start-ups from all around Jerusalem  a place to connect and network, while just outside the business center,  animated discussion and debate takes place among some of the regulars to the Center's Canada Club.


Summer 2015 At Canada House 2


Across the hall, 25 young professional immigrants are learning how to re-establish their careers in Israel. Harvard graduates, aviation engineers, and STEM professionals are among those selected to take part in the Gvahim career acceleration program that offers an intense  regimen of classes – from resume translation to the cultural nuances of the Israeli workplace – as well as mentoring, coaching, and placement assistance in job positions that match their fields of expertise.


Keeping fit is also a priority at Canada House, with classes for everyone, from children to seniors, at all levels of fitness. Stop by on a Monday or Thursday to watch local teens compete in the neighborhood football league or ping-pong tournaments.  Senior adults participate in weekly morning exercise classes, while children are welcome for aerobics, football and movies – a great combination sponsored by the Gorman-Shore Learning Center.


And that's just July. Stay tuned for August – when "Travel the World" summer camp takes the school-age kids of Morasha on a fabulous summer adventure…


Summer 2015 At Canada House 3