Sukkot Activities around Jerusalem

Sukkot Activities Around Jerusalem 1


Sukkot Activities around Jerusalem


The following are just a few highlight activities for families over the Sukkot Festival in Jerusalem at institutions supported by the Jerusalem Foundation.


September 24- November 25: Jerusalem Biennale – Opening the day after Yom Kippur for six weeks, the Biennale will feature 13 exhibitions at 10 venues around the city, offering an exciting program of events, with a contemporary Jewish art focus. Now in its third year, the Biennale is expanding its international horizons, playing host to an array of international exhibits from New York, Los Angeles, Buenos Aires and Barcelona.



September 29-October 1: Activities for Kids at the Tower of David Museum: Endless activities will be on offer for families (September 29-October 1), including "Bare Hands and Feet," where participants will wander around the citadel and its cool guardroom, using all of their senses to discover Jerusalem through a rich display of historic al items. Learn how to make bowls out of dough or participate in a workshop to create a wall clock. Part of the route is not appropriate for strollers. The activity is offered in English and Hebrew


Participate in "The Stories of the Walls," an experiential tour for families in Hebrew tour for the whole family of the Old City walls, with views of the magnificent buildings, compounds and spaces below and a  combination of songs, legends and stories about the people and places that made Jerusalem what it is today. The tour begins in the Citadel moat at the Tower of David Museum, and continues to the Ramparts Walk and to the Western Wall. The tour lasts about two hours and is suitable for families with children age 6 and up. Not suitable for strollers and those with walking difficulties.


Reservation Center: *2884
Online tickets and information:


Sukkot Activities Around Jerusalem 2


September 29 – October 2:.Sukkot at the Herzl Museumand the Stella and Alexander Margulies Education Center: Spend time over the Sukkot break becoming acquainted with Israel's captivating history and figures of the past. Tour the Herzl Museum, where you will explore the history of modern Israel and learn about Theodor Herzl's intriguing story.Tours take about an hour and require advanced registration  (suitable for ages 6 and up. Available in English).


In addition, the museum offers a theatrical tour for the whole family in Hebrew, where participants will learn about leaders buried on Mount Herzl including  David Wolfson, designer of the Israeli flag; Golda Meir, fourth prime minister of Israel, Ze'ev Jabotinsky and members of the NILI espionage network. Duration of tour: about an hour and a half, and suitable for children as young as 10. Booking required.


Contact and bookings:; 02-636-7733



September 29-October 1: One Square Meter Festival in Jerusalem's German Colony, along Emek Refaim Street, featuring an exceptional lineup of poets, writers, editors, musicians and artists. Taking place for the 8th time, One Square Meter is an initiative of Poetry Place (Makom le-Shirah), a non-profit literary institution that also offers poetry reading performances and writing workshops. Their recently established poetry school, opening to students for the 2015-2016 academic year, is geared towards those interested in pursuing literature, with a curriculum of prose, drama, children's literature and songwriting.|


September 29 –October 1: Performance and Workshops by the Machol Shalem Dance House


30/9 @ 5pm: Amphibian multimedia dance performance for the entire family at the French Hill Community Center;
1/10 @ 10:30 Amphibian multimedia dance performance for the entire family and 11:45 Dance Workshop for children aged 6-12 run by Body Traffic, a Los Angeles contemporary dance company at the Arnona Community Center
1/10: 18: 00-19: 30 Kolben Dance Workshop for ages 50 + run by Body Traffic, a Los Angeles contemporary dance company

Contact and; 053-3358210