Schooling and Football - Perfect Examples of How Peaceful Coexistence Can Work

Schooling and Football - Perfect Examples of How Peaceful Coexistence Can Work


Volker Bouffier, Hessian Prime Minister and Acting President of the German Federal Assembly, presents cheque of Hesse's Government to support a Jewish-Arab soccer project at Jerusalem's Jewish-Arab Bilingual Hand in Hand School, and presents World Championship soccer balls to the young students.


Kinder Erhalten Weltmeisterbaelle


High-ranking visitors received at Jerusalem's Hand in Hand school: On Oct 21, 2015, the school's administration, together with representatives from the Jerusalem Foundation, hosted Volker Bouffier, Prime Minister of the German State of Hesse and Acting President of the German Federal Assembly, together with members of his delegation.


The Prime Minister (he also is the Chairman of the Jerusalem Foundation's German Board) visited the school as part of a three-day visit to Israel. The Prime Minister and his delegation were truly impressed by Israel's largest Jewish-Arab school, one of the Jerusalem Foundation's flagship projects that has been supported by the foundation since its very early stages. The school hosts students from all religious backgrounds -whether Jews, Muslims or Christians - and its teaching is based on a bilingual approach (Hebrew and Arabic). Particularly in the currently challenging times of conflict, this educational institution shows that peaceful coexistence of cultures and religions is feasible.




After visiting the school and  a practice of the Hand in hand School's girls and boys teams, Hesse's PM presented a symbolic cheque to Jerusalem Foundation CEO Daniel Mimran, in support of the HaPoel Katamon Neighborhood League soccer program, a project that is also co-funded by the Foundation. "I am most impressed by the idea of bringing together students of various population groups and social levels, connecting this to a learning center, and thus helping to reduce prejudice and promote peaceful coexistence," said Prime Minister Bouffier. "Accordingly, I am most gladly using my visit to present a donation to this exemplary project." The current Hand in Hand Campus, built by the Jerusalem Foundation thanks to supporters from around the world, was planned to hold students up to grade 8. Today the school includes pre-K through 12th grade. Based on the extreme shortage of space Prime Minister Bouffier spontaneously called to support the construction of the new Hand in Hand High School building, planned by the Jerusalem Foundation.


Irène Pollak-Rein, Director German-Speaking Countries of the Jerusalem Foundation, and the Foundation's German National Director Gabriele Appel, were truly enchanted by this support from Hesse.


Prime Minister Bouffier ended the one-hour visit with the presentation of two World Soccer Championship balls to both teams, which were excitedly received by the girls and boys excitedly.