New Kindergarten Inaugurated in Underprivilaged Kiryat Menachem, Jerusalem

Einweihung Kindergarten Daniel U Isolde Mueller


Daniel and Isolde Müller and a large group of friends from Germany, together with the Jerusalem Foundation, inaugurated the latest kindergarten project of Giving Hope, Living the Future in the Jerusalem neighborhood of Kiryat Menachem. The group was been welcomed by the Director General of the Jerusalem Foundation, Daniel Mimran, who expressed sincere gratitude on behalf of both the Jerusalem Foundation and the Mayor of Jerusalem, Nir Barkat, for the group's important commitment.


Daniel U Isolde Mueller Daniel Mimran


The Kiryat Menachem neighborhood developed as part of the massive wave of low-cost housing projects in Jerusalem built in the 1950s and 1960s for new immigrants, mainly from North Africa. In most cases, these immigrants left everything behind and arrived in Israel with nothing. The new neighborhoods were poverty-stricken and developed into trouble hotspots. Kiryat Menachem reached its low point some 20 years ago, when the municipality ceased providing some vital municipal services including garbage removal.


The neighborhood has since begun to recover, with an important contribution brought by the  idealistic work of the families of Kibbutz Resheet, who purposely chose the Kiryat Menachem community as their home. However, fundamental social change is being stimulated by the large-scale project called 'Adopt-A-Neighborhood', which is a multi-pronged, holistic project of the Jerusalem Foundation and the Jerusalem Municipality supporting the development of underprivileged communities. By improving community infrastructure, particularly educational opportunities, young and dynamic families are drawn to the area. The neighborhood has been becoming more and more attractive is on the rise.


Hoffnung Geben Zukunft Leben


In recent years, the Jerusalem Foundation's partnership with Giving Hope, Living the Future focuses on poverty-struck Kiryat Menachem. A number of kindergartens have been renovated thanks to the leadership of Daniel and Isolde Müller. Brick by brick, kindergarten by kindergarten, they are playing an important role in paving the way toward a better future for the children of Kiryat Menachem.


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