Jerusalem International Dance Week

Jerusalem International Dance Week 1


Jerusalem International Dance Week, sponsored by the Machol Shalem Dance House, brings together dancers and choreographers from around the world to display their works and to forge professional connections that cross cultural and international boundaries. The festival also highlights Jerusalem’s vibrant contemporary dance scene, reinforcing its position as a modern cultural capital.


This year, as part of the festival, Jerusalem hosted the international choreography competition. The competition’s final round was performed at the Jerusalem Theater on Saturday night, where the audience was treated to four pieces from the four finalists: Dep, by Dam Van Huynh, from England (performed by Leva Navickaite), Pishpesh, by Eyal Dadon, from Israel (performed by Eyal Dadon and Tamar Barlev), The Kol-o-Klum, by Uri Shafir, from Israel (performed by Uri Shafir), and Hugin/Munin, by Po Cheng-Tsai, from Taiwan (performed by Chien-Chi Chang and Sheng-Ho Chang).

Jerusalem International Dance Week 2


The first piece, Dep, explored  the role of the body as a ritual object in the context of the life cycle, with a riveting performance by Leva Navickaite, whose  technical prowess was evident throughout.


The second piece, Pishpesh, examined relationship paradigms and the interplay between cooperation, power, and boundaries, through a delightful, charming  romp of synchronized gestures.


The third piece, The Kol-o-Klum,  featured Uri Shafir  as he engaged in a dynamic one-man show that involved a moving and humorous mediation on the nature of movement itself and the performativity of motion.


The fourth piece, Hugin/Munin, featured Chien-Chi Chang and Sheng-Ho Chang  in a powerful performance that combined traditional and contemporary dance, as well as martial arts, to reflect upon issues of interdependence,  submission and dominance.

At the conclusion of the four performances, while the judges deliberated, the audience watched a mesmerizing performance of the piece Flecha Rota by Javier Napal, Julio Cesar Terrazas, and Carmen Larraz, from Spain.


Afterwards, the choreographers and dancers came in, and the winners were announced:

In first place, $4000 prize: Uri Shaffir.

In second place, $2800 prize: Po Cheng-Tsai.

In third place, $1800 prize: Eyal Dadon.


The choreographers and dancers were all treated to warm applause, and to accolades from the audience, who took the time to congratulate the different winners on their way out of the theater, and into the beautiful Jerusalem night.