Jerusalem Foundation Emergency Response Helps Preserve Day-to-Day Life for City Residents

בעקבות המצב הביטחוני בירושלים


Jerusalem Foundation Emergency Response Helps Preserve Day-to-Day Life for City Residents


Now, more than ever, we must diligently support the people of our beloved city and take every step to preserve and enrich day-to-day life in its communities. We firmly believe that community empowerment and solidarity will help us navigate through the current reality and this is our mission.


Over almost 50 years, the Jerusalem Foundation founded and supported the communal, cultural and educational networks in Jerusalem, developing the neighborhoods and communities of Jerusalem and the resilience of the people of this great city. Now in this moment of trial, Jerusalemites are showing restraint, courage and hope.


Living with this kind of stress and fear can have a serious impact on the social fabric of the city. The Jerusalem Foundation is working hand in hand with the municipality and our many partners, particularly at this time of crisis, to show Jerusalemites that they are not alone.


The emergency campaign aims to provide vital support for safe and accessible community activities and events (with appropriate security), enabling residents to come together in mutual support and solidarity and constructively counter the sense of panic and despair. Neighborhood community centers in such effected neighborhoods as Armon Hanatziv, Pisgat Ze'ev, Gilo and elsewhere will provide additional support such as:


  • Guidance on coping with the situation and, where needed, professional psychological counseling for adults and children.
  • Educational enrichment, or safe places for completing homework and play, particularly for children of large families
  • Morale-boosting enrichment activities for all ages, from dancing, to self-defense classes and singing together
  • Arts & crafts, music, storytelling, Gymboree, etc.
  • Plays and workshops for parents and children together


The Jerusalem Foundation is also working with the municipality and many local partners to enable Jerusalem residents of all ages to come together to enjoy special activities at many of the city's leading cultural institutions, the Bloomfield Science Museum, the Yellow Submarine Music Center, the Bible Lands Museum, the Jerusalem Cinematheque and more.