Jerusalem Celebrates the Festival of Lights

Jerusalem Celebrates The Festival Of Lights 4
Jerusalem Celebrates the Festival of Lights


This December, as Jerusalem celebrates the Festival of Lights, the Jerusalem Foundation will be celebrating 50 years of shaping a modern, vibrant city by creating cultural opportunities for all of Jerusalem’s residents. The cultural and artistic revival that the city has undergone in recent years, largely due to the efforts of the Jerusalem Foundation, is truly a miracle worth rejoicing in. We wish you could be here with us to celebrate this milestone, and send you our holiday greetings from this special city. We wanted take a moment to share some highlights of the cultural and artistic events taking place in Jerusalem this holiday season that involve institutions and projects supported by The Jerusalem Foundation.


Sunday, December 6 - Hannukkah Blues Festival - The Piedmont Bluz – The Yellow Submarine, 9:30 PM

This acoustic husband-and-wife duo is dedicated to weaving musical tales through melodies that incorporate both country and Piedmont blues traditions. Click here for more information.


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Monday, December 7: Opening Event for the Jewish Film Festival – Jerusalem on the Screen – The Jerusalem Cinematheque, 7:30 PM

This special event celebrating 50 years of the Jerusalem Foundation will include historic film footage of Jerusalem, and a panel of leading film experts will discuss  Jerusalem in both Israeli and international cinema.


Tuesday, December 8: Amphibian by Machol Shalem Dance House – Tahana Rishona, 10:30 AM (Accompanying Dance Workshop – 11:20 AM)

This performance, geared for those in the 7-10 age range, combines multimedia effects and dance to tell the story of the complicated world of modern technology.


Tuesday, December 8: Returning Desire – Beit Masie, 8:30 PM

This satiric tale of female Biblical figures explores Jewish history from a feminist perspective.


Wednesday, December 9: Happy Purim – The Jerusalem Cinematheque, 9:30 PM

This movie provides an up-close, inside look at the role that Purim plays inside  the Ultra-Orthodox community. It will be screened as part of the Jewish Film Festival.


Thursday, December 10: Hannukkah Blues Festival - Ronnie Peterson and Efraim Shamir – The Yellow Submarine, 9:30 PM

Part of the Blues Festival hosted by the Yellow Submarine, this performance unites two renowned virtuosos of the Israeli music scene for an evening of musical collaboration, and lots of acoustic guitar. Click here  for more information.


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Friday, December 11: Story Bird - The Train Theater, 11 AM

This interactive children’s play and the accompanying workshop, based on the tale of a teacher who can talk to birds, is a delight for the entire family. Recommended for audiences aged 4 and up.


Friday, December 11: The Young Israel Philharmonic Orchestra –The Jerusalem Theater, Henry Crown Hall, 12:00 PM

The Young Israel Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted by Johannes Wildner and Dale Lonis, will perform a range of classical pieces, including: Tales from the Vienna Woods (Strauss II), and Divertimento in D. Major, K.136 (Mozart), as well as more modern pieces, such as the Sword and the Crown (Edward Gregson).


Friday, December 11: Dr. Ruth Comes to the Cinema – The Jerusalem Cinematheque, 1 PM

Dr. Ruth Westheimer will speak about her professional opinion of famous on-screen relationships in a variety of films, including Annie Hall and Gone with the Wind.


Sunday, December 13: Se Questo E Un Uomo – The Khan Theater,  8:30 PM

This play, based on Holocaust survivor Primo Levi’s recollections of his experience in Auschwitz, is a meditation on human nature during some of history’s darkest moments.


December 6-December 19: Seeing the Light- The Bloomfield Science Museum

In honor of the Festival of Lights, the Bloomfield Science Museum will be having a variety of light-themed exhibits and interactive workshops that promise to be fun for the whole family, as well as dramatized tours featuring “Naftali Centrifugali”. Hours vary by day. A full schedule can be found here.


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December 6-December 24: Until We Came to An Understanding with Light – The Musrara Naggar School of Art, Sundays-Thursdays, 10 AM-5 PM

This photo-poetics exhibit, focused on the spiritual and physical properties of light, explores the relationship between visual arts and the written word through a variety of photographic and poetic works.


December 6- December 31: Objective – The Tower of David Museum

This exhibit brings together the works of two Israeli contemporary designers (Ezri Tarazi and Haim Parnas) in a searing exploration of Jerusalem as an object of artistic inspiration. On December 4, 18, and 25th the museum will be offering guided arts tours of the Old City that complement the exhibit while providing a view of Jerusalem’s artistic history. Hours vary. Click here for more information