Greening the City of Gold – “Creating Sustainability in Jerusalem” conference

Greening The City Of Gold Creating Sustainability In Jerusalem 2
On Tuesday, December 1, the Jerusalem Foundation sponsored the “Creating Sustainability in Jerusalem” conference. It was a one-day conference, produced together with the Jerusalem Institute for Israel Studies, the Jerusalem Municipality and the Hub at the Botanical Gardens, which brought together a wide range of professionals from the fields of environment, community and sustainability for mutual learning and sharing.


Jerusalem is a city with a broad spectrum of activity in the areas of community and the environment, which include initiatives of residents, community councils, the Municipality, and more. The common denominator of these initiatives is a desire to create a just, equal, pleasant and more sustainable. City. The goal of the “Creating Sustainability in Jerusalem” conference was to strengthen these initiatives and to foster a network between all those engaging in this type of activity.


Greening The City Of Gold Creating Sustainability In Jerusalem 1


More than 100 professionals and active residents filled the Gonenim Music Center for the conference. The first part included presentations of 10 major projects in the field of sustainability in Jerusalem, of which the Jerusalem Foundation is involved with five, from the Greening Katamon a holistic community sustainability program to the  Muslala Group of artists who believe that art and creativity have the power to make a sustainable change; to the Gazelle Valley Urban Wildlife Park to the Kidron Valley project and the Jerusalem Intercultural Center’s MiniActive initiative, which empowers Arab women to work to improve their immediate environment.


The conference was part of the Jerusalem Foundation’s celebration of its 50 years working to make Jerusalem a modern and vibrant city. We seek to continue to provide opportunities to improve social, economic and environmental sustainability long into the future.