Educational Greenhouse To Be Inaugurated At the Wolff and Rose Klabin "Resheet" School in Kiryat Menachem

חממה לימודית ראשונה 1


First-of-Its-Kind Educational Greenhouse To Be Inaugurated At the Wolff and Rose Klabin "Resheet" School in Kiryat Menachem


The Jerusalem Foundation Raised the Sum Required For the Construction of An Ecological Greenhouse with Pools for Farming Fish and Marine Life, Birds and Vegetation. Klabin School Children and all the Neighborhood Residents To Grow Hope Together


A half-acre of soil, plants and green as far as the eyes can see – that's what will greet the children of Jerusalem's Kiryat Menachem neighborhood, thanks to the establishment of an educational ecological greenhouse, the first of its kind in Israel. The greenhouse, which was established at the Wolff and Rose Klabin "Resheet" School thanks to a contribution raised by the Jerusalem Foundation from the Klabin family of Brazil, enables the children to become real agronomists and conduct fascinating scientific experiments during and after school hours.


The Wolff and Rose Klabin "Resheet" School, today numbering about 500 schoolchildren, was established by the Resheet Urban Kibbutz that settled into the heart of the Kiryat Menachem neighborhood with the aim of bringing social change and reaching new educational heights. Since the kibbutz began its work there, the neighborhood has changed beyond recognition. A few hundred families from Ethiopia have moved into the neighborhood in recent years and Kiryat Menachem again found itself coping with great social challenges in the process of integrating the new immigrants.


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The greenhouse is divided into several different work areas, including an area of fish and marine life farming pools, tables for hydroponic plant growth and germination, an active beehive and a system to produce natural gas from the organic waste of leftover food. The school plans to add an on-site learning lab for the children to study and conduct experiments, also the first of its kind in Israel.. Also installed were bird  nesting boxes and a vegetable garden, grass and decorative flowerbeds using innovative concealed drip irrigation technology (developed together with the Netafim company).


The greenhouse functions as a closed water system. All green areas are organic, irrigated using the school's rainwater collection and biological purification system under the guidance of ecologists at Kibbutz Sde Eliyahu. Kibbutz Mishmar HaEmek donated both money and the time of kibbutz members to ensure the project's success, Avital Geva, founder of the educational greenhouse at Ein Shemer, accompanied the entire process of the greenhouse's establishment, the Netafim company contributed the irrigation devices and the Jerusalem Foundation raised the balance of funds required, the sum of 500,000 NIS, from long-time supporters of Jerusalem, the brothers Israel, Daniel and Armando Klabin in Brazil.


"The greenhouse is part of the school's educational vision", explains Tammy Friedman –Ben Shalom, Principal of the Wolff and Rose Klabin "Resheet" School. "The greenhouse offers the children a 'green home away from home' during and after school hours. This is an alternative learning environment where even children who may feel lost in front of the chalkboard will be able to express themselves. Thus, they will be given a second chance at social integration and personal growth. Precisely now, with new waves of protest of the Ethiopian-Israeli community, we believe the greenhouse is great news and a new direction, giving the children hope.