Educational Greenhouse Dedicated at the Klabin "Resheet" School

Educational Greenhouse Dedicated At The Klabin Resheet School 3


State-of-the-Art Educational Greenhouse Dedicated at the Klabin "Resheet" School in Jerusalem's Kiryat Menachem Neighborhood


The Jerusalem Foundation and the children of Jerusalem's Kiryat Menachem neighborhood had good reason to celebrate over the Sukkot holiday, as they gathered at the Wolff and Rose Klabin "Resheet" School on Thursday (October 1) to dedicate a new, state-of-the-art educational greenhouse that will greatly enrich the school curriculum and the community as a whole.


The Jerusalem Foundation, with the support of its loyal friends and supporters from Brazil, Dr. Israel Klabin and his brothers Daniel and Armando Klabin, for whose parents the school is named, provided the balance of funds to establish the ecological greenhouse. It covers a full half acre, equipped with fish farming pools for the study of marine life, hydroponic flowerbeds chock-full of vegetable plants, herbs and flowers, plenty of room and nest boxes for bird watching and an outdoor classroom for investigative learning.


Educational Greenhouse Dedicated At The Klabin Resheet School 1


With the Klabin family's assistance, the Jerusalem Foundation established the Wolff & Rose Klabin School, which later became part of the innovative Resheet Kibbutz movement that uses sustainability as a tool to encourage social change and academic achievement for some 500 children from the distressed Jerusalem neighborhood and well beyond.


The greenhouse functions as a closed ecosystem, irrigated from the school's rainwater collection and biological purification system, and supervised by ecologists at Kibbutz Sde Eliyahu. Kibbutz Mishmar HaEmek contributed funding and labor; Ein Shemer educational greenhouse founder Avital Geva provided professional accompaniment, and the Netafim company donated the irrigation devices.


Israeli President Reuven "Rubi" Rivlin sent a video greeting to the many children attending the inauguration: "Zionism has forever incorporated two essential parts. The first is the connection with the soil, a connection of love, life, development and growth and the second is daring and creativity, which have accompanied the pioneer idea since the outset," he exclaimed.." I hope you, the young people, will continue to be involved with this magical combination."


Educational Greenhouse Dedicated At The Klabin Resheet School 2


Israel Klabin, former Mayor of Rio de Janeiro, serves as President of the Brazilian Foundation for Sustainable Development. The brothers are life-long Zionists and friends of Jerusalem and have been closely involved in the work of the Jerusalem Foundation over many decades. Given their devotion to Jerusalem and sustainable causes, their partnership in this exciting project comes as no surprise.


Following a rousing performance by the school's orchestra and choir, Israel Klabin, who travelled from Rio to Jerusalem for the event along with members of the next generation of Klabins addressed the audience. "Our generation represents the past. You represent the present and future. The world depends largely on what you do with it."


"The greenhouse fits perfectly with our educational philosophy here at the Klabin "Resheet" School," said Principal Tamar Friedman Ben-Shalom. "It invites the children and the entire community to experiment, learn and grow together, giving us hope."