Dedication of the Wohl Plaza at the Bloomfield Science Museum, Jerusalem

Wohl Plaza At The Sience Museum 2


Dedication of the Wohl Plaza at the Bloomfield Science Museum, Jerusalem


The leadership of the Wohl Foundation and the Jerusalem Foundation gathered on Thursday (October8) at the Bloomfield Science Museum, Jerusalem, to dedicate a large plaza in memory of Maurice and Vivienne Wohl. The plaza is a significant addition to the museum, which will enable the presentation of rotating outdoor exhibitions and accommodate a larger visiting public. In recent months, particularly over the summer, hundreds of thousands of visitors already enjoyed "Musica", a guest exhibition with 60 giant musical instruments spread out throughout the new plaza space, inviting visitors to play, experiment and build.


The Wohl Foundation, celebrating 50 years since its inception, has invested in many projects Jerusalem and throughout Israel. One of the well known projects of the Wohl Foundation is the Wohl Rose Park across from Israel's Knesset (parliament) – one of the most beautiful and pleasant green spaces in the capital city.


Wohl Plaza At The Sience Museum 1


The Wohl Foundation's representatives toured the Bloomfield Science Museum last year and were impressed with the possibility of the museum's expansion by establishing a new outdoor space. The dedication ceremony was attended by Ella Latchman, David Latchman and others from the family of Maurice and Vivienne Wohl who established the family foundation, as well as trustees of the Foundation, headed by Martin Paisner.


Yohanna Arbib-Perugia, President of the Jerusalem Foundation, thanked and congratulated the Wohl Foundation on this valuable gift to Jerusalem: "Precisely in these crazy days of strife and tension for the people of Jerusalem and Israel, it is vital to support institutions such as this one, which emphasize the normality and day-to-day life of the city and enable the people here, particularly the children, to live routine life. Without a doubt, the Bloomfield Science Museum is one of the happiest places in the city – an oasis of sanity and light. Your decision to invest here is most suitable."Mrs. Arbib-Perugia expressed her hope for continued fruitful partnership between the two foundations for the benefit of the city and residents of Jerusalem.


The Science Museum's director, Maya Halevy, said that the new plaza "gives the museum the opportunity to connect people with science, to offer the public new exhibitions, festivals, fairs and special events. Moreover, thanks to the new space, it will be possible to further develop the contemporary "Makers" culture a approach to science and technology education, to which the museum is committed and supports in Israel, that inspires the next generation to participate in engineering-oriented pursuits such as electronics, robotics, 3-D printing, as well as more traditional activities such as metalworking, woodworking and arts and crafts.


Martin Paisner, Chairman of the Wohl Foundation, said: "Teddy Kollek had vision in regard to how Jerusalem should look and the Bloomfield Science Museum is an example of Teddy's vision". Mr. Paisner added that the foundation's trustees are delighted to partner in this project.