Volunteers in Jerusalem – Building Neighborhoods

Volunteers In Jerusalem – Building Neighborhoods
It was a long and difficult summer and tensions were felt across the country but Jerusalemites continued to find meaning and empowerment through the community programs of the Jerusalem Foundation. 

Very special inspiration for all residents came from the volunteers from overseas who did not let the threat of missiles deter them from their mission. A special group of volunteers from Holland joined the Building Community project, which improve s the physical and community infrastructure in Kiryat Hayovel’s most disadvantaged areas and is part of the Adopt a Neighborhood program across the city.  Volunteers, and professionals, perform renovations on run-down apartments, and in exchange, those whose apartments are being renovated volunteer and become involved in the community. Often the local volunteers include  those who were helped by the project in the past.


The volunteers pitched in painting and gardening, helping local residents to completely transform buildings’ stairwells and outside handrails, and yards – changing the face of the neighborhood and making resident feel proud of their homes.  Two groups of Israeli youth also helped out and even built a special bench for the local Pétanque court – a type of bowling game.  Local residents welcomed all the volunteers, making sure they always had food and drink and special treats while working.


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