The Show Must Go On: Jerusalem's 23rd International Festival of Puppet Theater - August 10-14

International Festival Of Puppet Theater
The Show Must Go On: Jerusalem's 23rd International Festival of Puppet Theater - August 10-14


Supported by the Jerusalem Foundation, the International Festival of Puppet Theater, one of the most dynamic and colorful events on Israel's cultural calendar, is currently in full swing, showcasing performances created by Israeli and foreign artists from countries such as France, Spain, the Netherlands, Slovenia and Russia.


In a summer where a number of events have been cancelled in Jerusalem due to the ongoing security situation, the festival is a welcome attraction for people of all ages. The Train Theater, which runs the festival, believes that the arts play an important role, particularly at times like these. "This is our humble attempt to show support and make people happy," they explained. "Together we can create an alternative to pressure and fear in this complex reality." The festival's creators describe the festival as an "Etnachta," an Aramaic word meaning rest or time out.


And making both children and adults happy is precisely what the festival excels at. Highlight performances include The Rain Bird - A Paper Tale,which Combines origami and storytelling; Circus on the Strings (Russia), inspired by 19th-century Russian puppet performances and Yoel Said Musical,  about a little girl and a musician from Australia who go on a journey filled with wondrous adventures. Adult-oriented events include cabaret performances each night of the festival at the Khan Theatre courtyard. The performances all take place within walking distance, at the Train Theatre, the Khan Theatre and the First Train Station.


The festival also features an international exposure component supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, inviting Israeli artists to share their work with directors of leading international festivals who are invited to participate in the event each year.


The Train Theater is highly-regarded creative force and leader in the field of puppetry in Israel. The theater is open all year round, and serves as a vibrant center for youth activity in the heart of Jerusalem. In addition to the International Festival of Puppet Theater, The Train Theater offers a variety of activities, including full-length plays, interactive storytelling performances, creative workshops and roving street festivals for the whole family. They are currently in the process of upgrading their facilities and creating a permanent, state-of-the-art home.


For more information about the festival, visit the Train Theater website by clicking here.