Schächter Garden Inaugurated at Bloomfield Science Museum, Jerusalem

Schachter Garden Inaugurated At Bloomfield Science Museum Jerusalem
Schächter Garden Inaugurated at Bloomfield Science Museum, Jerusalem

19 June 2014


Denise and Jizchak Schächter, dear friends and enthusiastic supporters of the Jerusalem Foundation from Zurich, Switzerland, were present with three of their children in Jerusalem last week to inaugurate the Schächter Garden established at the Bloomfield Science Museum. The garden has a giant sand box, drafting tables and tools, scaffolding, construction equipment and a brick-building factory, the first venue in the country that invites children to experiment through play and come up with ideas for design and construction like true engineers. The children wear especially sized hard hats and have access to tools, , window and door frames and flooring to build multiple-story houses.


The site, located in the museum's early childhood wing, was dedicated thanks to a contribution to the Jerusalem Foundation from the Schächter family. Jizchak Schächter, active board member of the foundation, previously established the Schächter Garden at the Beit Yehudit International Cultural Center on Jerusalem's Emek Refaim Street.


Mrs. Erika Gideon, founding member and Deputy President of the Jerusalem Foundation, was among those present at the inauguration. She congratulated the Schächter family and wished them many happy moments in the new garden and much satisfaction from their meaningful gift to Jerusalem. Amb. Mark Sofer, President of the Jerusalem Foundation, and Prof. Re-em Sari, Chairman of the museum's board were also present. Mark Sofer was delighted at this new addition to the Bloomfield Science Museum, established and supported by the Jerusalem Foundation in cooperation with the Hebrew University, which he called "one of the shining pearls in the crown of Jerusalem today" He expressed the hope that the Schächter Garden would encourage thinking and experiential learning among children from all sectors living in and visiting Jerusalem.


"This is a novel and groundbreaking project that exposes children to engineering principles drawn entirely from their own world," explains the museum's eminent director, Maya Halevy. "Utilizing design and building processes at an early age is an excellent opportunity to cultivate creative thinking."