Rock Legend Neil Young Donates to Jewish-Arab Music Project in Jerusalem

Rock Legend Neil Young Donates To Jewish Arab Music Project In Jerusalem 2
Earlier this week singer-songwriter and musician Neil Young gave a significant contribution to the Louis & Tillie Alpert Youth Music Center of Jerusalem through the Jerusalem Foundation. Mr. Young, who postponed his planned performance at Yarkon Park in Tel Aviv in July due to the security situation, decided to donate to the center, which for more than three decades has brought Jewish and Arab youth together through a shared love of music.


The Louis & Tillie Alpert Youth Music Center, established and supported by the Jerusalem Foundation,makes music education available to children of all backgrounds through a combination of individual and group lessons and various orchestra projects. Located next to the Old City, the center has gained much praise for its emphasis on interaction between Jerusalem's Arab and Jewish populations. Its highly-acclaimed Jewish-Arab Youth Orchestra, with a dynamic repertoire of western and Middle Eastern music, meets weekly and performs across the country and internationally. Beit Alpert's Director Ronnie Glass expressed immense gratitude to Mr. Young for his support. "I would like to thank Mr. Young and his production team for choosing to support such a worthy institution – a place that educates towards tolerance, mutual respect and brotherhood through music."


President of the Jerusalem Foundation, Mark Sofer, emphasized the importance of Mr. Young's donation in the current climate. "We thank Mr. Young for generously giving to an institution that is devoted to reducing hostility between people. Particularly at times like these, where there is an increased sense of polarization between Jews and Arabs, the contribution advances shared living."