July Events In Jerusalem

Message from International Chairman, Sallai Meridor

The brutal attack at the synagogue in the Har Nof neighborhood of Jerusalem, has shaken all of us.  We were all horrified by the inhumane and cruel act at a time of prayer and our hearts go out to the wounded and to the victims' families.

As you all know, these last months have been extremely difficult for Jerusalem and deeply worrying to us all, lovers of Jerusalem, the Jerusalem Foundation family. Tensions are high, nerves are raw, incitement rears its ugly head and expressions of racism are on the rise. Violence and terror took the lives of innocent Jews and Arabs. Jerusalemites of all faiths and nationalities have become victims.

We are all concerned and we are all hurting, but pain and sadness are not a recipe for action. The Jerusalem Foundation cannot and does not sit by and watch from the sidelines.  We believe that it is our duty to do everything possible to ensure that Jerusalem, the capital of Israel, a global city that is central to the three monotheistic faiths lives up to its promise and embodies the values of openness, respect, moderation and peace.

We work tirelessly to encourage and advance tolerance and understanding. We are in touch with all of our partners in all parts of the city, continuing a dialogue of understanding. Throughout all these days and weeks, we have continued to work with the organizations that are part of our shared living forum, to help to defuse tensions and to encourage restraint and calm.

At the same time, the Foundation has worked to ensure some normalcy of every day life in the city.  Our education activities continue as always.  The Tisch Family Zoological Gardens opens its gates every morning to children from all backgrounds and Teddy Park continues to be a site which all residents and visitors appreciate and share. The Jerusalem Institute makes recommendations to policy makers on measures necessary for de escalation as well as longer term policy.

During these critical times, our commitment to ensuring that Jerusalem remains an open, pluralistic and modern city is unequivocal. The challenges are great, but we continue, together with our amazing partners, to bring hope to the people of Jerusalem for a better future. Jerusalem needs us all, now more than ever.