Jerusalem In Los Angeles

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Jerusalem Press Club Director General, Uri Dromi, just returned from whirlwind trip from Toronto to Los Angeles where he met with current and future supporters  - as well as presented at several panels and events.  Once a dream of former Air Force Colonel and Head of the Government Press Office for both Rabin and Peres, Dromi has turned his vision into reality with the help and support of the Jerusalem Foundation.


Opened in June 2013, thanks to a generous grant from the Helmsley Charitable Trust, the Jerusalem Press Club (JPC) has already more than 400 dues-paying members (foreign correspondents based in Israel, visiting journalists, Israeli journalists and Israeli associate members). JPC has no political or other agenda, and is poised to offer the journalists / the media covering Israel provocative speakers, compelling facts, historical and regional context, new perspectives and opportunities to meet engaging Israelis.


Dromi was welcomed by an enthusiastic crowd at Valley Beth Shalom Synagogue, where he was hosted by Rabbi Eddie Feinstein.

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Uri Dromi was joined by two film critics , Amy Nicholson ( LA Weekly) and Ella Taylor ( NPR, Jewish Journal) who were part of the JPC’s Film Critic Program during the 31st Annual Jerusalem International Film Festival this past summer  - also during Operation Protective Edge at Rockets, Films and Journalists; Summer 2014,  presented by the Whizen School of Continuing Education at the American Jewish University in cooperation with the Jerusalem Foundation. He was joined by.

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Friends of the Jerusalem Press Club, Gina Raphael and Jeff Gross also hosted a reception at their home for new and prospective supporters.


The Jerusalem Press Club is the only press club not just in Israel, but in the Middle East:  A place that is a true bastion to freedom of the press, welcoming all journalists, regardless of their gender, religion, or ethnicity. Conveying factual information about Israel’s pluralistic society, its strong democratic nature as well as increasing understanding about regional events and their impact.


JPC is where international correspondents and journalism students have access to all sectors of Israeli society—from high level government officials, policymakers, diplomats, business leaders and analysts—to authors, entertainers and innovators—in a venue that is strategically and programmatically designed toward facilitating relationships that will provide accurate and balanced information exchanges in order to enhance international media coverage of Israel.


For more information on becoming an associate or corporate member of the Jerusalem Press Club, contact Jill Hoyt at  or (213) 807-6150 for more information about various levels and benefits.