Jerusalem Conservatory Hassasdna Celebrates 40 Years of Musical Excellence in Jerusalem

Jerusalem Conservatory Hassasdna Celebrates 40 Years 1

The Jerusalem Conservatory Hassadna celebrated 40 years of musical achievement earlier this month with a captivating performance to a full house at the Henry Crown Auditorium at the Jerusalem Theatre. One of Jerusalem's leading institutes for music education, Hassadna has served as a second home to thousands of talented children and young adults, dozens of whom had the opportunity to demonstrate their skills and passion for music at this joyous anniversary concert.

The evening was supported by a fund established by the late Freddy Rose through the Jerusalem Foundation to enrich music in Jerusalem. The Jerusalem Foundation is grateful to Ms. Leni Ehrenberg for making the evening possible and is delighted that she was able to participate in the celebrations.

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Hassadna was founded in November 1973 by Amalia Reuel and has for the last 10 years been under the direction of Lena Nemirovsky. The Jerusalem Foundation's support for Hassadna centers around two exceptional programs: "From Risk to Opportunity," a program for Ethiopian children, and a program for people with special needs. Both programs featured in the anniversary concert, including a rousing performance by 14-year-old Avraham Terifa, the first child of Ethiopian descent to become a member of The Young Israel Philharmonic Orchestra, and a number by two pianists, Rasha and Jacob, who are both blind, accompanied by other musicians from the conservatory.

The Jerusalem Foundation is incredibly proud of Hassadna on the occasion of its 40th anniversary and is constantly impressed by its remarkable achievements and growth, including this March, when Hassadna's Wind Orchestra won first prize at New York’s Carnegie Hall at the World Wind Band Festival. The Wind Orchestra opened the anniversary concert with a beautiful rendition of Alfred Reed's overture, The Hounds of Spring. Another highlight was a piece composed by Hassadna's Deputy Director Oleg Bogod and performed by renowned saxophonist and Hassadna alumnus Andre Tsirlin together with the Wind Orchestra.


We are thankful to Hassadna and its supporters for their contribution to music in Jerusalem and wishes Hassadna continued success in its future endeavors. We look forward to many more celebratory occasions in Jerusalem. 

Jerusalem Conservatory Hassasdna Celebrates 40 Years 4