Giving Hope, Living the Future – 47 Times!

Daniel U Isolde Mueller Im Kindergarten
On November 5, 2014 the Jerusalem Foundation welcomed a delegation of the organization Giving Hope, Living the Future headed by Daniel Müller from Karlsruhe, Germany. A highlight of their trip was a personal greeting by Jerusalem's Mayor Nir Barkat thanking the Müller Family and their friends for their great commitment to Jerusalem. "I know few people who are committed as continuously and uncompromisingly to Jerusalem as you are. Whenever I'm asked 'How can I do something for Jerusalem', I give your longstanding, continuing support as an example."

נותנים תקווה – 47 פעמים 2

For some 37 years the Müller Family has been bringing German-speaking groups to Jerusalem. For more than 25 years they are supporting projects of the Jerusalem Foundation through Giving Hope, Living the Future. The foundations of this cooperation were laid back in the times of Siegfried Müller and Jerusalem's legendary Mayor Teddy Kollek. Today the count comes to 47 projects. Over the years, they touched the lives of quite a few thousand Jerusalemite children. They set positive signs in disadvantaged neighborhoods. The kindergartens are renovated with a great love for detail and set new standards of quality. For the children learning there they mean a second home.

נותנים תקווה – 47 פעמים

This year two completely refurbished kindergarten classes in Jerusalem's low-income neighborhood of Kiryat Menachem have been inaugurated. Children, parents and even grandparents welcomed the group with an excited music performance. "We think that the investment into the education of our children is the key to success," said the representative of the parents, Ms. Rachel Perets Wagner.