30 Art Collectors and Curators from Italy Visit Israel

30 Art Collectors and Curators from Italy Visit Israel
The visit was organized by the Jerusalem Foundation Italy in cooperation with the MAXXI - National Museum of the 21st Century Arts in Rome


Some 30 members associated with the Friends of the MAXXI Museum in Rome travelled to Israel last month to visit galleries and museums across the country. The delegation, led by President of the Jerusalem Foundation Italy, Mirella Petteni Haggiag, gallery owner and board member Ermanno Tedeschi and President of Friends of MAXXI Anna d'Amelio Carbone, took place in the context of growing collaboration between the Jerusalem Foundation and the Museum over the last few years.The group consisted of a number of well-known curators and collectors from Italy.


Since its opening in 2010, Rome's MAXXI Museum has twice opened its doors for gala events benefiting the Jerusalem Foundation, where art auctions conducted by Claudia Dwek, director of Sotheby's Italy, have raised significant funds for the Foundation's ongoing coexistence efforts in Jerusalem. The growing ties led to the Museum delegation's visit to Israel, where they spent time in important museums and galleries such as: the Janco Dada Museum in northern Israel's Ein Hod, the Israel Museum Jerusalem, the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, the Ermanno Tedeschi Gallery and Dvir Gallery in Tel Aviv.


The Jerusalem Foundation was delighted to host our friends from the MAXXI Museum for a private cocktail evening at the Artists' Studios, established in 1982 by the Jerusalem Foundation to support emerging Jerusalem artists. Director of the Studios, Lee He Shulov, and the 15 artists currently working there gave a behind-the-scene tour of their work and a glimpse into Jerusalem's growing art scene. The artists themselves and the Jerusalem Foundation were encouraged by this important visit. The group also visited Teddy Park, an exciting new project of the Jerusalem Foundation, and held its final dinner at Touro Restaurant, associated with the newly established Jerusalem Press Club in Mishkenot Sha'ananim.

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