One Ball, Two Teams

One ball. Two teams. Three players – Jews and Arabs - on each side. This was the 7th Multicultural Streetball Basketball Tournament that was held in Koret Liberty Bell Park. Held on May 26, 2011, the goal of the event was to encourage peoples from different communities, cultures and traditions in Jerusalem to meet each other, using sport as a tool to bring people together. 

This year hundreds of Jewish and Arab players – girls and boys, men and women, youth to adults – played in the tournament. In addition to the tournaments in the different age groups, the event also featured a 3-point competition, a slam-dunk competition, and a performance by a local band. 

We thank the Edelman family of the United States, Lisa Mauer and Andrew Sheiner of Canada, who supported the event in honor of the bar mitzvah of their son Lucas, and the Weinbaum family of Canada, all of whom were instrumental in making this event happen. 


One Ball Two Teams