Lights, Camera, Water!

Teddy Park, located in Mitchell Park & Gardens, soon to open, will tell the story of Jerusalem's development during Teddy Kollek's tenure as Mayor of Jerusalem.


The featured attraction, the Hassenfeld Family Fountain, complete with recycled water, light and sound, puts Jerusalem on par with other cities around the world which boast similar attractions.


Jerusalem's fountain, like the Barcelona Magic Fountain, The Bellagio Fountains in Las Vegas, and the musical fountains in Prague, Moscow, Geneva and Singapore, will have computerized water performances set to light and specially composed music.


The fountain's performances will integrate 256  water hoses, some 1,500 light bulbs and original music created by the New Jerusalem Orchestra, directed by Yair Harel and Omer Avital. The choreography which will integrate the water, music and light will be overseen by Barcelona-based company JML– the leading company in the world in this field. The fountain's central performance will take place each night, free of charge.


Teddy Park, located in Mitchell Park at the foot of the Old City across from Jaffa Gate, will be home not only to the Hassenfeld Fountain but also to the Kenneth and Ann Bialkin Visitor's Center, the Model Sun Dial, the Federmann Family Wishing Well, environmental sculptures and more.


The park also stands as a testament to Teddy's life. The Kenneth and Ann Bialkin Visitor's Center describes the development of Jerusalem under Teddy's tenure as Mayor, through a 3D film installation.


Israeli and international artist Maty Grunberg, who has designed a number of sundials located around the world, designed one for the park.  A 2.5 meter high globe sculpture designed by British artist David Breuer-Weil will be installed and a wishing well made of Jerusalem stone will also add to the park's charm.


The Park was made possible by donors from around the world and Israel and the Jerusalem Municipality and Israel's Ministry of Tourism.


"We chose, together with the Kollek family, to immortalize Teddy's name at a meeting point between the east and west of the city, in a place which represents Tedd'y life-long aspiration – to see Jerusalem's residents living together, side by side, in collaboration and good neighborly relations," said Mark Sofer, President of the Jerusalem Foundation.


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