Jerusalem Foundation Emergency Campaign

Critical Snowstorm Fallout: A full-scale blizzard struck Jerusalem for four days beginning Thursday, December 12, bringing fierce winds, freezing temperatures – and the heaviest snowfall to hit the city in well over 100 years. The storm and its aftermath closed all roads and modes of transportation into, out of, and within Jerusalem, while frozen sidewalks and fallen trees made even walking outdoors impossible. Many homes were completely flooded, while even in those left intact, thousands of families found themselves without electricity, heating, running water, or essential appliances for up to a week of basic survival conditions.

As soon as the storm hit, emergency taskforce teams in all neighborhoods were fully activated, with team professionals prioritizing their assistance to the city's most vulnerable residents, fulfilling their urgent physical and psychological needs. The teams' dedication also brought many urgent needs of Jerusalem's high-risk population to the forefront, including a lack of basic household equipment and clothing such as;  heaters, blankets and winter coats. We now aim to ensure that these needs are met as quickly and effectively as possible.

Coordinated by the local community center, each emergency team encompasses a range of professionals (social workers, therapists, nurses, renovation contractors, volunteer organizations, etc.) residing within that neighborhood. Every center maintains an updated list of high-risk members of the community (elderly, disabled, single parents, etc.) who are contacted immediately when an emergency is declared.

The Jerusalem Foundation is proud to be a major partner in establishing the Emergency Taskforce Teams, which have repeatedly demonstrated their effectiveness in the past, and once again, during this week's devastating snowstorm, proved the critical role they play in keeping Jerusalem safe and secure for all its residents in times of dire need.

The capacities of the Municipality have been overstretched and this is exactly where the Jerusalem Foundation can step in and make a difference. The Jerusalem Foundation seeks contributions toward emergency relief for Jerusalem's most vulnerable residents.


Jerusalem Foundation Emergency Campaign