The Opera that Fell Prey to the Facist Regime

Serenata al Vento, a long lost opera that fell prey to the Fascist regime, has found new life thanks to cooperative efforts between the Lombardia Region and Jerusalem. Composed by Aldo Finzi for a competition at La Scala opera house in 1937 and, although it won first prize, due to Fascist government's discriminatory laws, the competition was annulled.  Finzi was arrested by the Fascist government and died before the end of the second World War at the age of 48. 


The Foundation chose the Aeterna Opera and Hamartef Theater, both of Jerusalem and projects of the Foundation to produce the opera. The Aeterna Opera's singers performed the piece and the Hamartef Theater which assists youth at risk in Jerusalem prepared the costumes and set design. 


Representatives of the Lombardia Region appointed the Orchestra Accademia delle Opere directed by Diego Montrone and Galdus Milan, who were responsible for coordinating the production. Youth at risk from the Lombardia Region produced the jewelry for the costumes.


"This is a wonderful cooperative effort between Lombardia and Jerusalem, linking culture and social empowerment together," said Tamar Milo of the Jerusalem Foundation.  "This performance corrects a horrific injustice to Aldo Finzi, and thanks his family's longstanding efforts, the public will now benefit from his talents. We hope to see his opera performed in Jerusalem."


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