Summertime and the Livin' is Easy

The Jerusalem Botanical Gardens, supported by the Jerusalem Foundation, has created the perfect way to while away a sunny afternoon in the city.  Set in their lush green grounds, on the edge of the lake, is a 4-part, rock, musical series. 


This week's offering was an hour-long performance by famous, classic Israeli singer Matti Caspi. The grassy verge facing the river was overflowing with people who came to enjoy this 'chilled-out' event.  Children and adults, families, couples and singles, religious and secular sang and clapped along to each of the well-known songs performed by Caspi.  The atmosphere was intimate despite the number of people, with a warm and feel-good 'vibe' circulating amongst the audience. 


The beautiful scenery together with the classic music, gave time to pause, relax and enjoy in our increasingly urban reality.  We're looking forward to the final part next week!


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