Musrara Mix Festival Continues to Deilght

The Musrara Mix Festival, now in its 12th year has become an established part of Jerusalem's vibrant cultural scene, yet the art on display remains as fresh and innovative as ever.

The festival is a product of The Naggar School of Photography, New media, New music, Animation and Phototherapy Musrara, one of the Jerusalem Foundations flagship projects.  Set in the Musrara neighborhood, on the seam between east and west, it is an international, interdisciplinary, three-day art event.  Packed with artistic and social activities, the festival draws a broad crowd of people – social activists, neighborhood residents, artists, creators and the general public.


In keeping with the educational philosophy of the school which explores the role art has to play in creating positive social change in communities, exhibitions are shown in the public spaces of the neighborhood, as well as in residents’ backyards.  For the most part, the artists themselves were stationed next to their pieces, enabling organic encounters between creator and the public to take place.  These features combined give the festival a unique and intimate feel, despite the thousands of visitors that attend each year.  Exhibits cross a variety of genres including video art, photography, animation, installation, performance, dance and experimental film.


This year's festival focused on the theme of social and political change, reflecting domestic and worldwide events of the past year.  Alongside the art events, the school's department of New Music took over the main stage, producing a marathon of diverse live shows from Israel and overseas: school graduates, students and guests.


All in all – an exciting and forward thinking event, creating a 'buzz' in the streets of one of Jerusalem's most complex neighborhoods.