Max Rayne Hand in Hand School Wins Science Competition

This just in from the Foundation's Facebook feed – junior high school students, from Jerusalem's Max Rayne Hand in Hand School for Bilingual Education, won a national science competition on January 30, 2012. The competition was led by scientists from the Weizmann Institute of Science, Tel Aviv University, and the Israeli Association of Astronauts, and was sponsored by the Ilan Ramon Foundation. The Dear Foundation of Switzerland provides supplemental funding for the 7-9th grade science curriculum through the Jerusalem Foundation.


A flagship project of the Jerusalem Foundation, the Max Rayne Hand-in-Hand School for Bilingual Education was founded in 1998 and today includes the only integrated Arab-Jewish high school in Israel. The school has a unique teaching approach, as Arabs and Jews study together from kindergarten until 12th grade, working with and learning about the ‘other’ in every part of their studies.

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