Jerusalem Dedicates Itself to Senior Citizens

Jerusalem Foundation President Mark Sofer inaugurated the Jerusalem Senior Citizen Day Care Center, Beit Hofmann, in the presence of Mayor Nir Barkat, Sonja Dinner (President of the Board of the Swiss DEAR Foundation) as well as family members of the late Leo Hofmann, namesake and founder of the facility.  


The Center opened its doors some 25 years ago and serves the greater Gonenim-Katamon-Patt area. Over the last year, the Center underwent substantial renovation.  It was refurbished and modernized and serves now as a central meeting place for "golden-agers" in Southern Jerusalem. The Center now hosts many services and activities.  


Despite the heavy summer heat, the atmosphere at the inaugural event was animated as numerous Beit Hofmann seniors hailed the occasion. A choir sang at the welcoming, accompanied by the audience.


Mrs. Sonja Dinner of the DEAR Foundation, Mr. Ariel Cohn and Mrs. Daniela Hofmann-Cohn, all whom donated generously, were shown through the building, while being embraced by excited and thankful crowd.  


The crowd was greeted by Mayor Barkat, Mark Sofer and the donors, with one attendee spontaneously chiming in with an anecdote on Teddy Kollek, Jerusalem's legendary long-time Mayor and founder of the Jerusalem Foundation, who many in the audience vividly remember.


Beit Hofmann strives to be a second home to its senior community, in a modern, easily accessible environment and with a completely new and upgraded variety of services, programs and workshops for a well deserved public.