Bubble Opens with a Bang

Jerusalem's newest, exciting initiative for young people, Bubble, has been launched with a 'pop'. Developed by the Jerusalem Foundation, Bubble invites young people to attend specially tweaked cultural events for a symbolic fee.  The central idea behind the program is to create a whole new population of cultural consumers, young people, who can begin to see Jerusalem as a fun place for them to live in.


The events were conceived by a steering committee of 25, 15-17 year olds, the Bubble Panel, facilitated by the Cultural Department at Mishkenot Sha'anaim.  The wider community of 15-17 year olds was also invited to give their input through an interactive application attached to the project's Facebook page.  Peer involvement is an essential part of the project.  It ensures that the events gain acceptability amongst the target population and also provides a way to get young people involved in Jerusalem's cultural scene in a more meaningful way.  


The opening, launch event saw  youth from all over the city, experiencing modern dance for the first time in a unique outdoor location at Jerusalem's Botanical Gardens.  The performance, Birth of the Phoenix by Jerusalem leading dance troupe, Vertigo was introduced by the show's choreographer. She invited the attendees to experience the dance, rather than just try to understand it.  Students sat in an intimate setting around a circular performance space, able to observe every small movement that the dancers made.  After the show participants ran to take part in an interactive drum circle and then a silent disco, whereby each person is given headphones to choose their own music to dance to.    


Following on from the positive momentum created by the first event, the next has already taken place at Jerusalem's popular Yellow Submarine.  The crowd enjoyed music by a popular, up-and-coming Israeli band, as well as a performance by some of their peers, specially selected or this unique event. 


With a plethora of 'remixed' cultural events still to come, watch this space.