Bernstein Prize for Film Awarded to Jerusalem Film School Student

Or Sinai, a 4th year student at the Sam Spiegel Television and Film School was awarded the Bernstein Prize which includes 40,000 NIS to produce a full length film.  The prize is in memory of Lord Alex Bernstein of England, a long time friend of the Jerusalem Foundation and Jerusalem Cinematheque. 

More than 30 films were submitted for consideration for this first-time award, all judged by an illustrious panel of judges including film distributor Ruth Diskin and documentary film makers Bizi Goldberg and Yoram Sabo. 

The film tells the story of a mother and daughter who emigrated to from Argentina to Jerusalem’s Katamon neighborhood. Preparations for the daughter Violetta’s bat mitzvah uncover the deep family divisions and conflicts between the two cultures: a single mother who must clean houses to support her family, Violetta’s a rare bone disease that forever stunts her growth, a family divided between two continents and a cultural disconnect with their new country. 

“The Bernstein grant is one in a series of efforts to encourage filmmaking in Jerusalem” said Eyal Sher, director of the Jerusalem Foundation’s Art and Culture Department. “The competition was open to all Israeli film and television students and the fact that it was awarded by a Jerusalem based organization strengthens the image of the city as young, dynamic and open.” 

To reach more, click here and to view a short clip of the film (in Hebrew) click here