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The Jerusalem Film Fund

The Jerusalem Film Fund


Need: Film is a crucial component of a vibrant cultural center and an engine for economic growth, helping to attract and retain a creative class to lay the foundations for the city’s future. Young film-makers and film and television professionals are a key population group with the potential to significantly strengthen Jerusalem’s arts and culture scene.  The film industry, powered by a cadre of young film-makers and recent film school graduates, acts as a catalyst for economic development, laying the groundwork for Jerusalem’s future as a thriving metropolis.

Response: The Jerusalem Film Fund offers financial incentives to encourage film-makers to produce their films in Jerusalem. The project creates employment opportunities for local film talent and increases Jerusalem’s reputation as a city of arts and culture.

  • Film Hub: This project gives recent film school graduates professional guidance, a budget, and networking opportunities to help them develop and pitch film and television projects to film and television production companies.
  • Animation Training: This program trains recent graduates from a variety of arts fields in animation, offering 900 of instruction, with the goal of helping them find employment in Jerusalem’s animation studios, which currently employ 120 animators.
  • High-Quality Image Studio: The studio will be the most advanced in Israel, serving as a resource for film and television producers and providing the types of technology necessary for producing work of the highest quality. In addition to attracting projects to film at the studio, the venue will also be open to tourists, making it a local attraction that brings in revenue from visitors.

Population Served: Jerusalem’s young film-makers, as well as film industry talent from around the world that wishes to make movies in Jerusalem. Ancillary benefits affect Jerusalem’s entire population due to the widespread economic benefit of attracting the creative class to live and work in the city.

Impact:  Film’s ability to revitalize urban landscapes and stimulate the local economy has been demonstrated in cities around the world, including L.A., Toronto, and New York, where special financial incentives turned film into a tool for rejuvenating the downtown area in the wake of the 9/11 attacks.  Recent films produced in Jerusalem with help from the Jerusalem Film Fund  include world-renowned actress Natalie Portman’s adaptation of Amos Oz’s novel, “A Tale of Love and Darkness”, and “Footnote”,  winner of the Best Screenplay Award at the 2011 Cannes Film Festival, and Israel’s official entry for the Best Foreign Language Film at the 2011 Academy Awards.