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Paley Arts Center


Paley Arts Center


The Need: Art and culture are of utmost importance in enriching the lives of all Jerusalem residents – whatever their background or ethnicity. Art is a language and communication tool that connects between people and cultures and creates a positive dynamic without obstacles of religion, race or culture. Art is critical to the development of civilization and humanity.


The Jerusalem Foundation seeks to shape a modern and vibrant city by creating opportunities for all of Jerusalem’s population groups. These include opportunities for vulnerable populations and arts and culture. We also believe that all communities and all people, regardless of religious, ethnic or socio-economic background, should have access to the arts. This vision inspired the Foundation to establish the Paley Arts Center in east Jerusalem in 1978, in cooperation with the Israel Museum. Paley believes that art is an important tool in connecting individuals and strengthening relationships between diverse communities.


Impact on Jerusalem: Art has the potential to be used as an educational tool to develop thinking processes and strengthen sense of self. It is a type of spiritual therapy. Art education has two primary goals: to impart skills and knowledge and instil avenues for self-expression.


In the past 35 years, Paley has become the pre‐eminent cultural institution in east Jerusalem, providing artistic activities and enrichment for children, youth and adults for the city’s Arab sector. Each year it reaches several thousand residents, including 5,000 schoolchildren visiting its core exhibition each year (Currently it’s “Prophets According to the Koran;” previously it was “Ancient Egypt.”), in addition to enrichment classes and camps. The center offers regular events for children, youth and adults. In addition, over the past few years Paley has brought arts activities into communities in partnership with the highly-reputed Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design and other local organizations. Paley offers programs such as:

  • Art classes for children, youth and adults
  • Animation projects for school classes
  • A biennial exhibition: The Prophets According to the Koran
  • Art summer camp
  • Evening-activities, such as cinema, visual arts and music performances, evening activities for women, activities for parents of children with special needs
  • International Women's Day activities
  • Preparatory program for academic arts studies
  • Activities outside the Paley Art Center
  • Creativity workshop in contemporary arts
  • Drawing class for artistically gifted students
  • Music classes
  • Photography class
  • A multimedia room that is open to the general public


Partners: Jerusalem Municipality