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Muslala: The Terrace

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Need: Muslala Arts Collective is breathing new life into the Clal Center, a struggling complex steps away from Mahane Yehuda. Muslala established a new culture, arts, and environmental sustainability hub on the building’s indoor terrace, offering workshops, concerts, parties, and exhibits that cater to young families, up-and-coming artists, university students, and the wide variety of residents that live in the area. Muslala promotes socially engaged art that can be leveraged towards environmental sustainability and towards fostering encounters between different communities. As part of their efforts, they have begun to hold activities on the rooftop that is adjacent to their indoor terrace, and that rooftop must be renovated to expand Muslala’s activities.

Response: Muslala involves key stakeholders from throughout the city in forging a new rooftop oasis of arts and sustainability that will respond to the different needs of residents and communities in the surrounding area. A dance space, a fish pond, an organic beehive, and an organic farm have all begun to blossom. The plan is to advance these initiatives and to add a playground, in cooperation with local residents, forging a new cohort of concerned citizens who unite to take responsibility for the city they live in, creating a new community of concerned residents dedicated to promoting Jerusalem’s prosperity.

Population Served:  Residents of Jerusalem from the city’s different cultures and communities

Impact:  Since opening in May, Muslala has attracted over 7,500 visitors. Six new stores have opened in the Clal Center shopping mall, previously seen as a failing commercial establishment. Expanding Muslala’s physical space and the scope of its activities will increase the number of visitors it attracts, and, by extension, increase economic opportunities for commercial establishments in the mall that lies beneath it. The new rooftop will host a wide array of activities and play a crucial role in advancing Jerusalem’s Cultural Quarter, leveraging the arts to foster the city’s economic, social, and cultural development.

Partners:The Ministry of Culture, the Jerusalem Municipality, the Jewish Agency and Eden, a subsidiary of the Jerusalem Development Authority.